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A Thousand Stones: The Age of Revolution, Lust ...
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During the late 60s and early 70s, turbulence dominated both the world stage and the personal psyche of youth worldwide. It was an era of startling contrasts. Make peace, not war. Flower power. Turn on, tune in, drop out. Passion for ear-splitting, loud music. Vegetarian heroin users. Open the mind, close the establishment. Who could make sense of it all? College students, of course! A Thousand Stones is an historical fiction about both peaceful and militant students in the age of the Vietnam War, young love, criminal sabotage, and, of course, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. It is also an entertaining coming-of-age story about a 19-year old Texan, Nathan Davett Cooper (´´Nate´´). Europe was a magnet for the young and restless; Nate is both. He is presumed dead, along with 40 other Texas college students, in the crash of ICE Flight 54. Bodies wash ashore on the Normandy coast, amidst large clumps of grey-green paper wads: hundreds of thousands of dollars in US currency. Infused with unusual travel adventures, seasoned with the songs of the times and the longings of early manhood, the story follows this young American, his revolutionary-minded gonzo-journalist best friend, Charlie, Custer, a worldly-wise hippie girlfriend of Charlie´s, and others involved in the unfolding mystery of twin plane crashes, mystical Irish lore, a budding worldwide radical underground movement, and their surprising connections across time and space. A Thousand Stones is a nostalgic look at what was happening between the Summer of Love, the Days of Rage, and Disco Dancing. It´s both innovative and entertaining, blending little-known history, memorable fictional and historical characters, and an enrolling story into an amazing listen that will stay with you long after the end. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Nicholas Santasier. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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The Happy Pear
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The No 1 bestselling cookery book in Ireland - for two years running! ´These lovely boys always create incredibly tasty food.´ Jamie Oliver Let´s face it: while we want to eat more fruit and veg and things we know are good for us, we sometimes fall short because we´re not sure how to turn all that great produce into great food. Well, welcome to the Happy Pear way of eating - healthy but never worthy, easy but never dull, and packed with mind-blowing flavour, exciting texture and vibrant colour. The Happy Pear opened ten years ago when twins David and Stephen Flynn, passionate about starting a food revolution in their home town, took over their local fruit and veg shop and later opened a café. Their revolution has not only succeeded, but it is spreading, and The Happy Pear´s fans range from young parents to pensioners, ladies-who-lunch to teens-on-the-run, hipsters to Hollywood stars. David and Stephen´s first cookbook is full of irresistible recipes for everything from everyday breakfasts, lunches and dinners, to scrumptious - and yes, still wholesome! - cakes and sweet treats, to special occasion splurges. David and Stephen also tell their story (how they transformed from jocks to hippies before finally finding their groove), share their top tips for maximizing taste and goodness in food, and explain how they´ve succeeded in building a food business based on flavour, health and community. ´The poster boys for a healthy way of life´ Sunday Times ´I love The Happy Pear ... genuinely good food that brings healthy eating in from the cold´ Irish Times ´My favourite [vegetarian cookbook] ... packed with recipes, health advice and inspirational stories.´Huffington Post ´A beautifully presented book with mouthwatering photography´ Woman´s Way ´A healthy eating phenomenon´ Mail on Sunday ´These Irish twins are on a roll´ Time Out ´[They] couldn´t look healthier or happier ... the poster boys for vegetarianism in Ireland´ The Times

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