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Boomer Tales: Hula Hoops, Hippies, Hemp, and Hi...
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Author LaRue Agresti captures the essence of a generation in this vivacious memoir. As related in Boomer Tales, LaRue was born in Chicago in 1949. Her whimsical narration describes growing up in a wacky Italian family, complete with intriguing background material on her parents and their families, and speaks candidly of her mother´s battle with mental illness. After chronicling her early years in Chicago, Boomer Tales goes on to provide a window into the Windy City´s turbulent social and political climate during the 1960s. LaRue offers a vivid time capsule of the pot-infused 1970s hippie culture in the form of original letters sent from the Florida Keys to her sister back home in ´´Bummer City´´. But life brings her back to Chicago, and the 80s usher in an emotional time, as she contends with the difficulties of parents afflicted with cancer and Alzheimer´s disease. Throughout the book, LaRue provides rich descriptions of her lively hometown, and her inclusion of the music that resonated with her peers helps bring her portrait of a baby boomer vibrantly to life. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Diane Moca. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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