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A Song from Dead Lips
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FREE LOVE. DEADLY PRICE. ´William Shaw is one of the great rising talents of UK crime fiction´ Peter James ´If you´re not a fan yet, why not?´ Val McDermid ´A first-rate police thriller set amidst the seamy underside of the swinging sixties´ C. J. Sansom The Runaway A nameless young woman is found naked and strangled in an alley on Abbey Road. The Reject DS Cathal Breen, an outcast in the Marylebone CID, struggles to make sense of the case. The Rookie Until new recruit WPC Helen Tozer - the first woman to join the team - makes a breakthrough. And as hippies slam doors in their face, and locals suspect the new African neighbours, Breen and Tozer tread down a perilous path, closing in on a cruel conspiracy that goes far beyond class, colour and creed.

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