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Black and White Diamond Cotton Clutch
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- Black and White Diamond Cotton Clutch - by ABURY x País Textil The Black and White Diamond Cotton Clutch is made from 100% cotton. An extra eye catcher is the red suede interior. The handwoven Diamond Pattern is hypnotizing yet soothing at the same time. Wear it as a crossbody bag for a casual companion that allows you freedom in the hands or hold it as a clutch purse for the elegant evening look. You can combine the Black and White Diamond Clutch to a plain and simple outfit or the brighter colours - it fits everything. The diamond pattern makes the clutch look cool while the fringes give it a slight hippie touch - it´s really about how you combine it! - Handmade in Peru- handwoven by Peruvian women- 100% cotton- Red Suede Interior- Size: 28 cm x 20 cmSustainable Factors- Support the production and business development of the groups of artisans- Fair prices for their work- Recover and foster ancient techniques of textile weaving- Enhance the value of traditional Peruvian handicrafts- Promoting the use of first-class materials and contemporary designs.

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