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Shirt Bluse Tunika Langarm Retro Hippie Carmen-...
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Die Form und das Design verleihen dem Batwing Shirt eine feminine und attraktive Note. Passend ist das Shirt im Job oder auf der Party, mit Jeans und Pumps haben Sie das perfekte Ausgeh Outfit. Super Trendy und das tolle Oberteil mit langen Ärmeln is

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Ron Hacker - White Trash Blues Man
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Bücher/Books on HACKER by Ron Hacker - White Trash Blues Man Rarely does someone in the music industry come up with such a raw ´´warts & all´´ book as this. Whether in writing this Ron Hacker felt he had to purge his soul, or for whatever reason, he has waited until he was a 60 Yr. old to tell of his extremely tormented early life. Word´s of warning; this is not a book to lay around the house for those under age, or the easily offended. After undergoing an early childhood that may even overshadow that of Louisiana Red (Iverson Minter), Ron hustled, while going through life like a ball in a bagatelle, after a truly dysfunctional upbringing. The images of Indianapolis the author conjures in his book are as telling as those televised in Katrina battered New Orleans. Though the book often languishes in the sordid & torrid, I was drawn to a story as rich as any great American folk tale. The reader follows the author from his birthplace Indianapolis to Germany, Florida, San Francisco and many regrettable returns to Indiana that took thousands of miles and many years to cool a broiling fire, a man so ill at ease in society. Before finding music as a form of expression and release, Ron had a go at being a hippie, a thief, a carpet fitter, an army tank instructor, a bottle packer, a fast food fryer, a gardener, working in the later to be known as silicone valley, and as a pimp. James Dean portrayed an angry young man, and became a screen legend; off screen Ron Hacker and countless others lived that life, scarring inside & out. In retrospect not a path he would have chose, nor a past I´m sure he is proud of, but a biography of baggage he inherited and that he made his own. Ron Hacker hasn´t produced the biography of a blues musician, but the story of a man who would eventually be drawn to the blues, and one that has lived the life, irrespective of his colour or geographical background.

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